Saturday, August 28, 2010

Your Guide to the Perfect Vintage Wedding

Whether you want your wedding to have an extremely vintage theme, or are just looking to add some vintage touches, here are some ideas to get you thinking. You don’t need a time machine or a huge budget to achieve a truly beautiful vintage soiree.

The Attire

Lets start with the most important thing….Wardrobe!! Consider wearing a family members wedding gown. If this is not an option why not borrow an accessory from a loved one. An antique piece of jewellery or a veil would be perfect to add an old-time touch to your ensemble. Sticking to high quality fabrics and classic embellishments will result in you walking down the aisle looking like Grace Kelly.

The Entertainment

Choose the entertainment for your wedding carefully! It will set the tone for the entire event. Use a string quartet or a swing band to give that perfect vintage feel. It would be a great idea to have a traditional bandstand for their performance and have a phonograph play before the band comes on to set the stage for coming attractions!

The Traditions

Add that special extra vintage feeling to your wedding by using traditions and customs from the past. For example, the groom must not see the bride before the wedding as it is considered bad luck. Ask your bridesmaid or mother to arrange Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. And, remember to share the first piece of wedding cake with your new hubby. It was once believed that this created an unbreakable bond between the couple and the sweetness of the cake was thought to bring sweetness to all areas of the new couple’s life!

The Finer Details

Ambient lighting such as extravagant chandeliers and large candelabras are perfect for a vintage themed event. Use plenty of lace, peals, beads and rich fabrics. It is also a nice touch to have framed pictures of parents or grandparents on their wedding days displayed near the guest book. Drive away in a vintage car or Rolls Royce to finish off the day on the right note.

Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever yours

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