Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tips for an Eco - Friendly Wedding

Opting for an eco-friendly wedding is a great way of starting your lives together. Going green doesn't mean your wedding can not be a elegant and stylish event. Follow our tips to ensure your wedding day is unforgettable, while still being kind to mother nature!

1. The Stationary

Your wedding invitation can set the tone for your eco friendly wedding. There are many options including 100% recycled invitations, partially recycled invitations or completely tree free papers from wedding stationary suppliers. Be sure to use eco-friendly stationary throughout your wedding including; announcement cards, invitations, save the date cards, shower invitations and thank you cards, ceremony booklet, place cards, menus and thank you notes.

Also, consider communicating with guests electronically where possible to cut down on waste.

2. The Venue

The venue for your wedding may be the biggest decision to make. But this decision is one that should be given huge consideration if you want an environmentally kind wedding. Consider an outdoor venue, they need less decoration and generally have a smaller carbon footprint. Or, find a green venue. Some venues are demonstrating a commitment to saving water & energy and reducing waste.

3. The Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress does not have to be a difficult decision! The easiest, and most eco-friendly decision you could make is to re-use a wedding gown. Or why not buy vintage, rent or use a family members dress? If having a new and unique dress is very important to you, consider buying a dress which is made from an organic material such as hemp, organic cotton or linen.

4. The Flowers

Conserve cut flowers. Consider using your ceremony flower arrangements for your reception. Or, find out what other weddings are due to take place the same day and organize with the other couple to share flowers. Not only will this reduce the amount of cut flowers, but also cut your costs considerably! Buy organic, locally grown blooms - organic flowers are grown in an environmentally friendly way, without pesticides.

5. The Menu

Ensure the food on the menu is organic. Purchasing organic fruits, vegetables and even wines from organic producers promotes green business practices. Also, make sure your caterer sources local produce to cut down on transport.

The trick is, decide what elements of your wedding can be scaled down, "green it up" or simply omit it.

We create memories with style while being kind to Mother Nature!

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