Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summertime & the Living is Easy

The summer months, as described in George Gershwins classic song, ‘Summertime and the Living is Easy’, is often presumed to be a time for more casual and laid back affairs. However, we here at the Red Carpet believe this does not have to be the case. Follow our tips to ensure the most special day of your life is as elegant and romantic as you have always dreamed!

Color: Use soft, pale tones such as creams, ivory, blush and soft apricot. Avoid bold colors as they tend to give a more modern look

Fabrics: Too much or heavy fabric is not appropriate for a summer wedding. Decorate using sheer fabrics like soft silk, cotton muslin or fine linen.

Don’t forget to pay attention to small details such as adding a satin ribbon to bouquets.

Flowers: Stick to old fashioned roses in pale shades to add a sense of timeless romance and wildflowers to infuse your wedding with luxury.

Remember to make sure your flowers stay in an air-conditioned area until the last possible minute! Also, consider having two bouquets, one for the ceremony and one for the photos to ensure they look fresh!

Lighting: Nothing adds a touch of class like candlelight. But remember; don’t add unwanted heat this time of the year! Keep candles away from guest’s faces. Instead, line walkways and the entrance with candles and use plenty of lanterns and hurricanes to ensure everywhere has that romantic glistening glow!

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