Thursday, May 20, 2010

Protecting Your Business

You booked a program at a reputable hotel.

Negotiated and contracted a commissionable room rate for a group block.

Fulfilled the room block.

The client submitted final payment and the program is complete.

You are now expecting your commission payment.

It is never processed and the hotel refuses to acknowledge your business...

Despite a mutually agreed upon commissionable rate contract, it has recently been alleged that hotels such as Harrah's, Bally's and Paris Las Vegas have been neglecting to pay room block commissions post event completion. Has the economy been so brutal that hotels are preferring to subject themselves to possible legal action over cutting checks?

When this is a major revenue stream for event business, how do you protect your company from having to obtain legal council to award what is contractually yours? I recently found a complaint in the state of Nevada experiencing this particular issue to which the monies owed have become substantial. How can you protect your business so you don't have the same experience?

It looks like we shall soon find out.

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