Friday, March 26, 2010

Planning Your Wedding Just Got Easier with Christy Bareijsza, CMP, CMM, President of the Red Carpet Events

Inspiration: Use a favorite fashion item, piece of artwork, or song to inspire a unique wedding theme. A Wedding Planner can assist in elevating the inspiration into a reality through creative decor for a fabulously tailored event.

Accountability: A Wedding Planner specifically works for the Bride and Groom, not the venue and suppliers. A couple truly needs an impartial expert to guide them through the planning process to ensure they are receiving the best experience.

Negotiation: A good relationship extends more then just the marriage, a couple should take advantage of the relationships a Wedding Planner can provide. Often the pre-existing Planner relationships will allow the Bride and Groom to have an advantage in negotiated vendor pricing and concessions.

Stress Relief: The Big Day is stressful enough, being concerned about the limousines arriving on time, flowers being fresh and the band's instruments being in tune can only add more headaches and worry. A Wedding Planner is there to give the ease of mind and ensure all the moving parts are flawlessly executed as planned.

Etiquette: Relationships are difficult enough. Weddings generally involving family, ethnic traditions and faith can only add unnecessary stress. Lean on your Wedding Planner to help with the proper and unbiased etiquette answers to ensure everyone is pleased with the ceremonial day.


Lamont said...

Planning a wedding is very tough and challenging. It's better to have an event planner. Seems like your perception is quite relief. Lot of other event planners just focus on just finishing the event soon.

The Event Planner said...

Thanks Lamont! Having clients realize planning is more then just the event itself is so important. Most do not realize that by the time the day arrives, all the hard work has been completed.