Sunday, August 02, 2009

Tip of the Month FIRE & ICE

A very good friend of mine inspired this Tip of the Month, over a business conversation. We tend to endlessly bicker about each other's communication skills, but always come up with a great idea or concept in the end. Kind of like Fire & Ice. 

The combination of those two elements will really make your event HOT! Combining decor items like an ice sculptured bar with candelabras can add glamour and sex appeal to any evening.  

By also adding color to represent fire and ice, a planner can elevate the decor by inviting guests to make a choice between the two with their attire.  Food items like fruit smoothies, fondue and bananas foster can appease the crowd while the are entertained by fire dancers! 

The possibilities are endless to create a hot event with a cool culture.

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