Monday, June 08, 2009


So, everyone around me, whether it's colleagues or friends seems to be kind of, well... you know, "blah".

Ignoring the out pour of emotion would be the obvious answer, but being the true confrontational Aquarius that I am, I have to ask..."What is up?"

With unemployment being a gross 9.4%, those that are employed should be grateful to have a job. But, in reality, are resentful with all the excess work, minimization of benefits and constant threats of layoffs. While those that are unemployed, are in fear of not being able to pay their bills or worse, ever rejoining the work force in the same capacity they were dismissed from it. Unfortunately, the economy isn't take a turn for the better and coping with the situation is seeming more bleak then ever.

That being said, how do we turn things around? It seems like we can't rely on the government for complete survival, so we need to handle these obstacles ourselves. It starts with shaking the "blah" right out of our system and looking at the more positive things in life. Business has to come, the world thrives on commerce, and while it's arriving, we all need to focus on what truly make us happy in our lives. Being centered will allow the ability to get back to what is important which is happiness, and ultimately will shake the "blah".

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