Monday, March 30, 2009

Working with Your Spouse

Planning an event is difficult enough and managing the right employees is never an easy addition. So what if one of your "employees" is your spouse or significant other? How do you manage that?

Being one half a couple is never a simple feat, so adding the pressure of event management into a relationship is a true test for anyone. So what do you do? Do you even hire your hubby? Limit him to certain responsibilities? Keep him onsite supporting you 100%? Everyone has a different way to work and how do you know the two of you will click?

Personally, I've had mates that are great and have had client's requesting them for future projects and others that have decided that if I said left they would go right, despite the client's (or my) wishes. Ultimately the only outcome would be an argument. How do you make this decision? Do you have to change your management technique to accommodate the loved one or do you just not include him? It's such a double edged sword that seems to never have the right resolution. And what if you have to fire him? He might expect more then an unemployment check!

That being said, how do you work with your spouse?

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Allvira said...

Yup!!! Its totally depends upon the one who is having the same. You are quite right here "event management into a relationship is a true test for anyone." Its true but up to some extent not so much.
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