Thursday, March 05, 2009

What I Think I Need? What I Want. What I HAVE TO HAVE!

In this day and age, budgets are definitely a touchy subject especially when it comes to a wedding. Paying for an event by "Robbing Peter to Pay Paul" is a great way to do it in corporate America with endless departments allocated with budgets, but when it comes to your own personal funds, things can be a lot different.

A great way to really focus on the important items of your special day is to make it very scientific. Sit down with your fiancee (yes... the man that proposed to you) and grab a pen and paper.

On that sheet of paper, make THREE columns and write the following:

1. What I think I need?
2. What I want.
3. What I HAVE to HAVE!

Use those three columns to touch on every aspect of the wedding from "having good service", to "having tasty food" to "having a Vera Wang dress".....the list is endless. And ladies, make sure to have your Groom present and involved, no matter how much complaining. Possibly "having Grey Goose vodka" is the one and only thing on his list, but if it's important to him, it should be there!

Once the list is complete, look at the items in the "HAVE to HAVE" column and compile them into general groups and you will start to see a pattern, whether the money should be spent more on the venue, the florist or even the entertainment, it will be clear as day. This little exercise will give you both a better focus on your budgetary needs and a fuller understanding of what is important to both of you.

After all is said and done, and the main wedding costs are met, look at your budget and if you have funds left, go to the "What I Want" list and treat yourself!

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