Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cold Calling Blog - Revisited

I've been receiving a lot of feedback from my Cold Calling Blog posted on 2/6/09 and I wanted to post a comment from Bcaponi, this reader had some great advise and I wanted to ensure it was shared with everyone, thank you for the comments!

As a blogger that specializes in helping companies get in front of more prospects (including cold calling - www.coldcalling101), I appreciate your thoughts and let me add three additional ones.

1) As much as we'd like people to take those calls and have a brief conversation with us, it's going to get harder because those that are left after the lay-offs have even more to do. Ergo, our voicemails better be very compelling or we'll less often get through let along have that informational conversation.

2) If you're looking for someone who believes the way you do (and be more willing to have a conversation), call into the sales department first. Us sales types are generally very friendly and willing to help other sales people learn some valuable information before calling the person you think (or the sales person thinks) is the right one.

3) Also, when you ask to be transfered, the call will generally ring as an internal call, more likely to be picked up!


SerenityKnutson said...

Can I add one to the list? I've been watching some discussion on this topic within an industry social networking group in recent days, and I just can't resist:

4) Never, never, never - ever - use robocall services as an alternative to picking up, dialing, and speaking on the phone yourself.

The Event Planner said...

Thanks Serenity, great and very valid addition!