Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Top 10 Reasons The Red Carpet Events Should Bail Out the Parties on Bravo's The Real Housewives of Atlanta

After watching a marathon of Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta, I started cringing from the endless event disasters occurring over and over for DeShawn, Kim and Sheree. Possibly, the drama was due to poor planning and lack of client vision (I'm sure creative editing also), but I'm going to try and believe it's mainly do to hiring "event planners" not guiding these drama queens to success.  

Adding insult to injury, I too am a member of the NFL "ex-wives" club, but left the sports world with an education and some sense of reality.  That being said, I can sympathize with these lost Georgia Peaches and are willing to guide their pampered asses to event success.

That being said, I've listed the Top 10 Atlanta Housewives' Event Foe pas :

1. DeShawn - if you want to have a charitable event, and actually raise money for your foundation, you need to give an event more then two weeks notice to properly plan for the guest list and opportunities for sponsorships, marketing and funding.

2. DeShawn - when there is an auction, you need seating, paddles AND guests paying attention. Did your welcome desk pre-register and take the credit card information for the bidders to give accountability?  And the paddles, what a great way to brand your organization!

3. DeShawn - If you are looking for BIG dollars, choose a theme that doesn't require cardboard props, flood spot lighting and a random step and repeat on your front lawn.  It's tacky and looks cheap.

4. Do I even have to mention having General Admission and VIP ticket sales? That forces accountability for guest attendance along with laying a base for the event budget, food & beverage quantities and rentals.  Sorry DeShawn, that's Charity Event Planning 101.

5. Miss DeShawn - did you even consider a website for people to register for your event and if they can't attend, still donate to your foundation? Probably not.....

6. DeShawn, don't have a foundation event in YOUR mansion, it takes away from the charity, looks tacky and doesn't give an obligation to donate.  Have your event in a place that forces focus on the girls in need.  Whether it's a gallery with artwork featuring children or even a loft space with blown up photos of the girls the charity has helped.  That's a far better location then a "house party" boasting your new property.

7. Sheree - If you are not ready to promote your fashion line, don't have an event revealing your unprofessional drawings and lack of planning.  First impressions are everything, especially on national TV.  Post-pone the event, you shouldn't demand respect and exceptions from the fashion industry because your an Ex of an Athlete, in fact, that stereo type should make you work twice as hard.

8. And Sheree darling, what did an art gallery, ice sculpture and painted men have to do with your clothing (or lack there of) line? Wasn't this also supposed to be a women's clothing line? Focus on the big picture and the message you are trying to have your guests take-a-way.

9. Kim, you are not off the hook.... the children's emergency contact information for your daughter's birthday should have been included in the initial invitation including a response email address to send the documentation with the RSVP.

10. I've worked numerous times with the Intercontinental Hotel, I'm still trying to understand how they let Kim "check in" to the hotel room without a credit card? I'm sure there's not a new Front Desk procedure for the hotel.  But I did sincerely enjoy the "wine influenced" blame.

Ladies of Atlanta, you clearly have a lot of time on your hands and enjoy the drama of the disastrous events, which has been causing you to be the entertainment of a nation!  Please drop everything and call The Red Carpet Events, we'll get it right for you and create memories with STYLE!

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