Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Midwest Meetings Magazine "How it can work...One planner on Social Media" by Serenity Banks

As an experiment in social media usage, Midwest Meetings explored MySpace in search of planners who are current using this site to enhance their online exposure.  we found Christy Bareijsza, CMP, CMM of The Red Carpet Events, who has posted a profile of her company on MySpace.

Professionally, Bareijsza uses MySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook.  These platforms, she says, allow her to make personal connections with potential clients.

"I use social media to present my past meetings and events, along with current media coverage, in a fun, unique fashion," Bareijsza says.  "It's another way to introduce the client to the business on a more personal level, along with allowing them to see a face behind a corporation."

Through her use of social media sites, Bareijsza has gained valuable networking tools that have allowed her to "cross-market" with colleagues and acquaintances.  This ability, she says, has enhance her referral-driven business.  However, Bareijsza cautions that some care must be taken with social media usage.

"Social media will allow the client to have a more layered view of the company, which can have both a positive and negative outcome," Bareijsza says.  "It can be a positive experience with networking and building business relationships, but can also allow a sense of vulnerability to the corporation by allowing the client to see more of the internal workings.  As long as you can be in control of what is exposed to the Internet, social media is a marketing advantage for the meeting and event industry."

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