Monday, June 16, 2008


OK, so this tip is a little bit self motivated.  But, as you read my blog below on the disasters of a wedding venue, you will understand it's purpose and forgive me, slightly.

The Tip of the Month is to hire a wedding planner, one that you trust, one that values your business, understands your vision, is skilled in the art of negotiations and contract terminology along with having the ability to execute your dream effectively.

All these requirements wrapped up in a bow is not the most easiest to find.  Just because the individual may be on "Bridezillas" or "Whose Wedding is it Anyway" does not necessarily mean they are a good planner.  This is something YOU have to research and that comes through referrals, the better business bureau, references and detailed questions.  As the consumer, you really need to understand what you are investing in and the expectations are clear.  If not, there could be grounds for disappointment whether it be prior to your wedding or worse.....the day of.

There are a lot of great wedding planners out there that truly care about your day as if it was their own, so do your research wisely and let them help create your day with style!  Picking the right one will have you giving endless "thank you's" and a stress free day when it's all over vs. a great episode of reality TV!

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