Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Story Behind Cocoa

People have been asking a lot lately "why do you have a dog in your bio photo?" Good question.

The Chocolate Labrador in the photo is not just a dog, but actually my 9 year old partner in crime Cocoa. She has affectionately been crowned the "CEO" of The Red Carpet Events.  Those who know Cocoa personally, understand the title completely.

I have had Cocoa from 3 months old, and since a puppy she has been traveling with me to all types of meetings, conferences and events. From an executive board meeting at the Carlyle, to a regional conference at the Plaza, to the Newport Hyatt Sailing Event, Cocoa has been overseeing and staying with the best.  In fact, in 2005 Cocoa was the official mascot for the Barclays PGA Classic at the Westchester Country Club playing ball daily in the hallways with the staff.

Among being a high-end traveler, Cocoa comes to the office daily and is always included in the major day to day decisions including what to order for lunch and allocating the proper budgetary funds for multi-faceted events. She has been a true inspiration for our creative events team and often a decision maker when dealing with tough and controversial topics.

An avid swimmer and runner, Cocoa takes the time to lead a balanced life, attending hip hop concerts in Hartford produced by The Event Group and enjoying local restaurants in her home town of Jersey City.  

Cocoa is a true asset to The Red Carpet Events and helps the team Create Memories with Style!

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