Monday, June 16, 2008

Alaska and Back!

I must say, this was the very first time I've been in a state so pretty, so fresh and so serene....ALASKA. 

I just came back from a quick trip to visit my friend Kim Kane who, with her husband Curtis Waller, hosted the Summer Solstice House of Hip Hop week long event at Bernie's Bungalow in Anchorage.  Kim and Curtis have been such huge supporters of my events that I had to take the 10 HOUR, COACH flight out to Alaska!

Kim and Curtis produced a 5 day festival highlighting Alaska's best talent from poets to break dancers to musical acts to record spinning talent.  Each night was a surprise filled with excitement!  On top of the fact that the sun never set!  What an experience.  (

Kim Kane, a local radio and television celebrity of Alaska showed us an amazing time.  From the mountains of Girwood to the great restaurants, beautiful glaciers and powerful mountains. Truly a memorable trip.  You must go and support the tourism of such a unique state.

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