Sunday, April 06, 2008

How To Land Your First Job In Event Planning

You graduated college, you completed your internship, (maybe that was just about Starbucks coffee & photocopying), you have planned events for your sorority or fraternity and you have tried to gain as much experience as possible, so now what? You need a job.

Because this industry is so specific and jobs are in popular demand, event planning is not the easiest profession to break in to. Sometimes the best advise is preparation, contacts and timing. In all actuality, my first job wasn't in event planning, in fact it was a "Relationship Representative" at Chase Manhattan Bank (B O R I N G!). While in that miserable and mindless position of opening personal checking accounts, I searched and searched the internal job database daily until one day I found a position for an "Event Coordinator", while reading the description I knew without a doubt that this was the profession for me. I applied for the position and was told I was too low on the salary scale to even be considered. Ain't corporate American grand for fulfilling dreams and giving chances!

That being said, I quickly did some research, went back to NYU for a Certificate in Meeting and Event Management and became an official event planner for Ernst & Young LLP. That being said, the moral of the story is that you may be faced with obstacles you feel are beyond your control, but instead of being complacent, educate yourself and use your resources to make the best of the situation. Competition is high and it's your job to set yourself apart from the others. Whether it's volunteering your local MPI (Meeting Professionals International) or ISES (International Special Events Society) chapters, contacting local professionals, education or just research, event planning is about life experiences and expectations. The better prepared you are in setting them will help you reach your future goals.

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