Thursday, April 17, 2008

Face to Face Makeup by Milirae

One of the best known secrets (that isn't about to be secret any more) is the make up and styling by Milirae.
I met Milirae a few years ago and while in conversation, our professions were brought up. She was a makeup artist and I was an event planner in need of a make up artist and stylist for the Brooks Brothers Fashion Show that was taking place during the Departures Magazine's Runway to Runway event in the Hamptons. Was this divine intervention??? Milirae had an incredible resume, plus, she had just got back from the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico - who could miss the glamorous make up and hair on Miss USA as she plopped down on the floor!
A true genius, I have been using Milirae consistently for photo shoots, weddings, fashion shows and event related styling. A true talent, I am passing this successful secret on to you!
Feel free to contact her:
Face to Face Makeup by Milirae

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