Sunday, March 02, 2008

Passive Aggressive Clients

In the event planning industry, you experience all kinds of personalities and the one's that can often be a challenge, are also known as your "clients" aka the people paying your bills.

This is an industry that you need to be direct with your suppliers, vendors and venues, because if your not, you might not get what you were thinking of, which could be a very bad scenario the day of the event. Being direct (sometimes too direct) has always come naturally to me but unfortunately this business is not about me, it's about the client. And often if you are too direct with a passive aggressive personality, they will become defensive and in turn, will damage your working relationship. So, how do you get out of them what you need to ensure their event is a success? Good question.

How do you deal with an individual that is saying things are "great" and in turn they are not happy or expressing that they don't have the same vision for their event after the fact and not too you? The ultimate goal is the keep the client, build the relationship and create repetitive business, so how can this be done if there is such a disconnect? This platform is open for discussion and welcomes feedback!

I'd like to say I know the answer, but it's been a learning process. Dealing with personalities is part of the business and throughout the years my partners and I have several strategies on growing client relationships. Sometimes it's a female or male preference, sometimes its a soft spoken vs direct and energetic approach (OK, no secret, that's ME), sometimes it's an email only relationship based on the needs of your client. It's really a hard question to answer and is left up to so much interpretation on the best way to be successful in expanding both your client and personal relationships.

Tell me what your thoughts are and some solutions to the problem at hand. I would love the advise!

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