Thursday, March 20, 2008

Keep Up the Great Work Emily!

I just recently caught a blog by Emily Tormey where she had quoted from "Where Do You Draw the Line" Emily is a Junior at the University of Oregon and is obtaining a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Her blog takes the readers through her journeys and career explorations molding her choice in profession.

Remembering back to my Junior year of college at Hofstra University (ugh, 1996!), the event planning profession did not hold a majority of opportunity, there were very few specific college degrees, no website directories like Bizbash or Agenda Online or strategic meeting departments in corporations....just a book by Dr. Goldblatt who was an ingenious professor at G.W. University.

The profession of Event Planning has evolved tremendously over the last twelve years and it's really nice to pass on the torch of expertise to the next generation of planners. Keep up the great work Emily!

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Emily said...

Wow! I'm honored by your interest in my blog! Professionals in the industry with blogs like you are some of my most inspirational role models as I am starting out in my career. You've got great insights! Thanks so much!
Small correction: I'm actually a senior, so I'll be graduating this June. As such, if you've got ANY advice at all to myself and other students like me for where to start our careers, I'd be ever grateful! I'd love to post some "getting your first job in events" tips for my peers. Thanks again!