Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Open Web Awards

And the Open Web Award goes to.........................

Quickly becoming my FAVORITE client, a few months ago I received a call from Mashable asking about planning an event in San Francisco. That was a no-brainer, plus it happened to be my favorite city in entire world.....sorry New York. I was beyond excited.

Long story short, Mashable decided to hire the Red Carpet Events to produce their First Annual Open Web Awards at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. So excited to be a part of this opportunity, we were gung-ho with great ideas to make this event memorable for our new client!

We decided to take the blue Mashable logo and use that as a theme throughout the event. Since this is a web based company, we also wanted to keep everything high tech & top notch! Only using the latest Apples and A/V were used and we were go to go! But, back to the blue......other then the typical use of "blue" in the signage collateral, we took it to the next level with up lighting and my trademark decor.....lighted ice cubes! The 350 guests enjoyed them way too much might I add! We also complimented the tables with light and dark blue M&M's for "M"ashable! Partnered with the sponsorship of Kubler Absinthe, the guests were really excited to experience this taboo drink for the first time NOT in France!
It was a successful (and memorable) event and I was proud to say the client was well received in the web community and San Francisco.
Of course I couldn't do this alone....I had help from my favorite production partner Dave Feinsod from The Event Group, Chuck - The Triple carrier, M&M purchaser and DJ extraordinaire, Maria & Patrick McCuen the Registration Experts, Frank Gleeson from the Palace and the new addition to the crew, John Oshima.
Looking forward to the next one in the Bay Area! Alcatraz maybe?

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