Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tip of the Month HOLIDAY DECOR

When I younger, like many children I would get so excited when the holidays rolled around. Each holiday brought family gatherings, another day off from school, and holiday gifts. I think for most kids getting the presents was the highlight of the season. But one thing I loved was riding around looking at homes all decorated with lights. I’m still impressed how folks jump right into the holiday and go all out. So, I got to thinking; if people take so much time on the outside, is the inside just as luminous?

Decorating for the holidays shouldn’t be limited to the outside of the house; lights can be just as beautiful in the house. Try something like hanging lights around the inside of your home. Add enchantment and life to the inside by putting white or colored lights around the ceiling, windows, mirrors, mantel and even pictures. See how ice sickle lights around the boarders could look like melting ice on the walls. But be sure to put extra lights on the tree, this will ensure the tree remains the center of attention. But be mindful of the amount of lights you use; you don’t want to run the risk of making the room look gaudy.

You can also turn a room into a Winter Wonderland, by creating the look the room is bathed in snow. Add large pieces of cotton or Fluff Poly White around the base boards, window ceil and under the tree around the base. If you’re the type that likes to go all out, add some of the fluff around the base of the sofas. You can even purchase fake plastic snow, if you don’t mind the clean up. Then use snowflake lights to give an extra added affect. Beautiful snowflake lights will really give the room a special touch; they come in various shapes and sizes and are quite interesting to look at. Also because of the different styles, it won’t be hard to suit your taste. Besides the pristine white color of snowflakes there are different colors of snowflake lights. Silver and blue combination will really stand out. On the other hand, if you think that the lights are too much then keep it simple by cutting out paper snowflakes. Remember snowflakes are unique; there are no two alike, so when you’re cutting them out be sure to change the pattern. Then put them all over the walls and/or hang them from the ceiling.

The holidays don’t only bring lights and decoration, but it’s time for the parties. If you wanted to keep the theme of the Winter Wonderland, but take the Holiday party one step further, have a big party and make it snow inside the venue. I know its sounds crazy but think about it. Technology has taken portable self-contained snowmaking to the extreme, so now it is possible to make it snow when and where you want it to, and it doesn’t have to be limited to the outside. Snowmaking machines can be obtained easily, reasonably priced, and can also be rented. How cool would it be if you could make it snow at your party (no pun intended). Well, whatever your holiday plans; get with your planner to make it happen, have fun and be safe.



ready.2.spark said...

Just came across your blog through our linked in connection. Love it. I've added you to my blog roll. All the best!

The Event Planner said...

Thank you for your interest in my blog, I love hearing feedback. I hope it's entertaining and a big help with your planning!