Monday, November 05, 2007

Tip of the Month CANDY BARS

I attended a wedding earlier this month, and was surprised that on each table there were, scoops, cute little candy bags, and about 4 old fashioned glass candy jars filled with an array of assorted candy. Also, on the side of the room there was a long table with a server whom offered other variety of candy. I mean this was a spread even Willy Wonka would be proud of. Apparently Candy Buffets Bars are a spreading craze at wedding receptions and other events. Instead of over priced or cheesy favors, they’re being replaced with candy buffet style favors.

I’d typically thought, a candy buffet would be cool for a children’s party. However, it’s works out for many different events. Take a wedding for example; coordinating the candy can ultimately complement the d├ęcor and theme of the wedding, adding to the overall beauty. And you can never go wrong with coordinated colors; though, random selection can offer the same type of sophistication if arranged in the right way. Of course candy buffets can be fashioned without breaking the budget. Bulk suppliers can provide cost effective ways to create your ideal buffet. Some suppliers even organize by color, theme, or occasions to simplify the selection. You can also customize labels for the theme of the event. Try to be generous with the candy; if the tables overflow with candy, you have presence. You don’t want to be disappointment because the buffet didn't look substantial enough or you didn’t have enough for your guest.

Why are candy buffet becoming so popular? Well, choosing the right favor can be a difficult task. You don’t want to end the night picking up a bunch of favors that guest left behind because they didn’t really like them. Personally, when I go to a wedding or any other event; I’ll take a favor, but it eventual winds up in storage or worse case; the trash. Sad but true. However, with the candy, I choose what I wanted, and how much I wanted and I ate it at my leisure.
Some may argue that the buffet lacks class and elegance. I’ve come to find that more people prefer them, than not. I think it really all comes down to how well the planner puts it all together.

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