Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tip Of The Month FOOD TRENDS

The "Mac" is back! As the holiday season approaches everyone is excited about planning their annual company event. One ever so important factor is food! What to eat, how to eat it and what's gonna make the crowd happy.....that's right, a "home" cooked meal from Mom's kitchen! Granted I come from a long line of "cooks" that have burned everything from string beans to an entire chicken, we won't use the Bareijsza family as a prime example!
Getting back to my point, as much as we love our fois gras and filet mignon, the latest trend is to still go with what we know best, but dressing it up. Have you seen meatloaf on a brioche? PB & J cut in a company logo and passed as an hors d' oeuvres? Individual servings of macaroni and cheese in China? It's the expected flavor with the unexpected presentation that has become the latest and greatest to touch our taste buds and add pizazz to our events. It's the the most recent event secret to be revealed, so pass it across the kitchen table and to your next soiree!

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