Sunday, October 07, 2007

I Dream of Jeanie....

As a child, I grew up watching "I Dream of Jeanie" and always wanted to be able to cross my arms, nod my head and my wish would appear!

I tried it as an adult while planning a huge birthday bash at Rebel Nightclub and apparently the magic didn't work. With a limited budget.....I mean LIMITED, we had to create an Arabian themed adventure for yours truly Chuck Dogg. Being the perfectionist, I enlisted a team of incredible professionals to make this money work!

Thinking "Arabian", we needed Moroccan lanterns, cushy pillows, belly dancers and Afghan carpets. To the credit of my incredible employee Alizabeth, we even came up with an ice sculpture Hookah Luge to compliment our sponsors Right Gin and Snow Queen Vodka.

All was going pretty smoothly until the lanterns that we ordered three weeks prior were stuck "in transit" via UPS in Pennsylvania and set to arrive the day AFTER the event! Standing in front of the UPS employee telling me "good luck" finding the package wasn't the most reassuring answer either. After days of panic and phone calls, finally the vendor was able to put a stop on the shipment and I was able to pick it up in beautiful Secaucus (ok, I stopped at the Gucci outlet first!). That was the same day we also found out a key sponsor decided to back out of his monetary commitment. If that was the only bump in the road that would have been great until I walked into the venue and there was a flood! A pipe had burst in the middle of the night....

Needless to say, the water damage wasn't as detrimental and after hours of cleaning we were able to transition the venue into an Egyptian dream! When in doubt, an event planner always has to make sure the guests never know the struggles and behind the scenes drama. There always has to be a Plan B and sometimes even a Plan C and D. Relationships in the industry are so important and in a time of need and stress, that is when it's great to know you can rely on them to make things happen flawlessly.

What that being said, from the fire breathers to the henna tattoo artist to the belly dancers that surprised the guests including Swizz Beats.....this was definitely a memorable birthday for Chuck Dogg with Arabian Style!

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