Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tip of the Month SIGNATURE DRINK

In my voyage, I have been guided and inspired by so many industry professionals that have helped me mold my career and truly grow as both an individual and as a company. I want to give back and help share the secrets that make memorable events! With that being said, we've initiated the "Tip of the Month" which will be a creative idea that will help your event have the WOW factor that every guest is looking for!
Tip #1 - Signature Drink

A lot of times, event planners use color as a theme, which I am a big fan! (ask Event Solutions Magazine about that one!) Why not take it to the next level and add it to the beverages? Drinks can be inspiring on so many different levels, to the color, taste, smell or even name. Why not flaunt it at your event? Shouldn't your guests get to experience your creative inspirations right off the bat when they enter the venue and are handed a colorful, fun, liquid work of art....which of course should always be handed out by an unusually attractive wait staff holding a fabulous tray!
Having a Lobster or Clam Bake on the beach? Why not have a yellow colored Sandtini? Or use a Malibu Rum flavored drink and smell the coconut scents that remind you of summer! Name your drink after a venue like the Rebellion, for Rebel or even for a wedding couple like the Smithtini? The creations are endless! Go to www.thebar.com for beverage ingredients or create your own. Regardless, have fun with it!

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