Thursday, November 16, 2006

Wedding Season 2006

Who would have thought in a million years that weddings could be a business?

Fall 2006 was a great season and one that I learned a lot from....some clients we're such a joy that I wouldn't change a thing, others I would have handled a lot differently..."challenging" is a great world for it....or I believe the coined term "bridezilla" was used in my conversations pretty loosely.....

Thank you:

Gillian and Dave: you will always be my favorite and still are
Shana and Eli: when that cake fell, it's Karma

Jenn and Towee: You were a blast, thanks for dragging me out to the dance floor
Carrie and Dave: Still waiting for that final check
Lizette and Dave: The sweetest and most low maintance couple that ever exists
Jen and Edward: The best bridal party - loved the tuxedos and Nikes!

In retrospect, I want to thank all of my couples to help me grow and experience their lives as much as my own. Through the joys, tears, headaches, frustration and laughter, it's all worth it. Best wishes to all and hope to see all the newly engaged couples in 2007.


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